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 78581944 2721742974541304 3971151784361066496 oThe self catering cottages are beautifully positioned to enjoy the most spectacular view of the Eastern Free State. Here in the Eastern Highlands the long warm summer days lend themselves to barbecue evenings on the covered deck, cooling swims in the farm reservoir with sparkling clean borehole water and long beautiful evenings whilst watching a huge golden moon rise over the mountains. In winter the snowy mountains and crisp clear air , big open fires and glass doors and windows give optimal enjoyment of the view. With a good book or a game of chess, enjoyed over a beautiful bottle of wine, what a way to while away an afternoon or indeed an evening. The sunrises, in the silence and beauty of our valley, with flocks of birds flying in great V formations to feeding grounds, the rasping noise of the norther black korhaan, and far away maybe the sound of a dog barking or a cow calling her calf to heel. The magnificent sunsets are followed by nights with stars that take your breath away.

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Amohela ho Spitskop Country Retreat & Conservancy, rural, with great quietness and scenic beauty and well appointed self catering cottages, is the perfect place to take a deep breath and slow the hectic pace of life. With laid out walks on the 420 acre Conservancy-Retreat, climbs into the stunning little mountain, swimming, a bird list of some 250 species, small mammals, amazing stars at night, privacy and seclusion, indeed a very special place.

They have taken great care to retain the authenticity of a farm reservoir, whilst still creating a really lovely swimming experience, in cold borehole water, filtered and cleaned daily. It is very special to sit surrounded by the vast Spitskop Valley with 360 degree views, the breeze through the grasslands, the sound of birds, insects, above you the clear blue sky with drifting popcorn clouds floating by.


Locally there are day drives of much beauty, small and quaint villages to visit, good eateries, in the village a golf course where plains game wander, San rock art, luminosity of light attracting both painters and photographers alike, cycling on the property or locally on gravel roads, the awesome views spectacular on long or short rides.

Each year in March there is a cultural festival with vintage tractors, ploughing with a team of Nguni cattle and much more and a well run mountain cycle race over four days. In late October the cherry picking season starts, and in mid November each year the Cherry Festival, the oldest crop festival in South Africa, is held in Ficksburg with participating cherry and asparagus growing farms.

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