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In a valley surrounded by magnificent mountains, Santé is the ultimate sanctuary for anyone who wants to re-energize, rejuvenate and revitalise the body and mind. Enter a haven with serene spaces and uncomplicated luxury full of heart with generous hospitality and exquisite, honestly healthy cuisine.

At Santé there is an intuitive blend of science and human consciousness, in which high-tech and high-touch approaches define a service formulated around each individual. Retreat packages which start from 2 days, are customized to suit our guests, each with their own unique requirements and health status.

They have a passion for holistic wellness, believing that balancing one’s mind, body and spirit will achieve lifelong well-being.

Healthy eating, physical activity, knowledge, adequate rest and relaxation are cornerstones of our philosophy and when combined with our personalized Wellness programs, deliver a special and for some, life changing experience.

Day Spa

Experience a world of true wellbeing at Santé Wellness Retreat & Day Spa. Discover extraordinary through the cohesion of wellness and beauty.

Our carefully selected hydro therapy focus, unique treatment methodologies, signature therapies and exquisite, honestly healthy cuisine intermingles to provide a transformative wellness experience way beyond the ordinary.

comfort zone “skin care science with a soul” captivates the holistic approach of our Day Spa and Retreat. All products used are carefully selected for their specialized approach and formulation and are free from any harmful ingredients.

The place to feel at home


Nestled in a valley and surrounded by the magnificent Drakenstein mountains, Santé’s accommodation options include stunning retreat suites, spa suites and a deluxe retreat suite.

Enter a haven with serene spaces and uncomplicated luxury – full of heart with generous hospitality, relaxed friendly service and exquisite, honestly healthy cuisine.

Bio Energy

Bio Energy

Santé Wellness Retreat & Spa appreciates the timeless wisdom of the ancient philosophies. It embraces the healing and balancing attributes of magnetic fields, colour, light and crystals, while utilizing what modern science has allowed us to develop and understand. Both these aspects are combined and introduced through the latest in innovative products and devices. These are available to clients in the Bio-Energy Centre.

Healing takes place through energetic intervention using electromagnetic waveforms to stimulate the body’s own healing capabilities. When the body is provided with a healthy energy resonance, distressing patterns are neutralized, reducing their disruptive effects and facilitating the natural healing processes.

Food & Nutrition

Food and Nutrition 1

At Santé Wellness Retreat & Spa they believe that nutritious food is the foundation of health. Nourishing the body through exquisite food is, therefore, an integral part of our offering and we use the freshest ingredients from our own indigenous kitchen garden and local bio-dynamic farmers and suppliers. The Cape Winelands boasts some of the finest produce which influences and inspires our seasonal menus.

Daily food journeys are constantly evolving with the seasons and are full of exciting, unique and honestly healthy cuisine. Menus are designed by Executive Chef Terrence Ford and consulting chef Margot Janse. All meals are created using only real, unrefined foods, without the use of sugar, dairy, gluten, preservatives, colourants and additives.

Santé Wellness Retreat & Spa is a true culinary experience, showcasing progressive nutritionally healthy cuisine with sensational flavours and aromas proving that healthy food can be inspiring, creative and delicious!

Exercise & Fitness

Santé Wellness Retreat and Spa has a fully equipped Fitness Centre staffed by a professional and experienced team.  The yoga studio, with its amazing views of the surrounding mountains hosts our Yoga, Pilates and Stretch classes.

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