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African hospitality means treating each guest as though your house were his own. At the sole-use Phinda Zuka Lodge we have taken this concept a step further, giving you your own private holiday home in Africa! With four bush cottages and a team of welcoming staff completely at your disposal, feel free to create your own African experience.

Everything you need is right within reach - your personal game ranger and game drive vehicle, an interactive kitchen with a dedicated chef, a butler to see to your daily needs, a comfortable library with Internet access and TV for the children, a sitting room with a fireplace for evening chats, your own swimming pool and even a private watering hole for your own exclusive wildlife encounters. With no set timetable or routine, savour the wonders of the bush at your own pace and leisure.


View the Big Five by day and night. Track rhino and turtles, meet the Zulu, see seven habitats in a day and round it off on a golden beach.

  • Activities-at-andBeyond-Phinda-Zuka-Lodge-on-a-South-Africa-Safari

Activities Include

  • A Night Under the Stars
  • Black Rhino Tracking on Foot
  • Endangered Wild Cats Project
  • Family Safari
  • Indian Ocean Scuba Safari
  • Luxury Walking Safari
  • Maputaland Beach Adventure
  • Morning and Afternoon Game Drives
  • Photographic Safari
  • Private Safari
  • Specialist Birding Safari
  • Tracking Adventure
  • Turtle Nesting Adventure
  • Zulu Village Tour



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While these wellness programs focus more on the physical - such as weight balancing and physical fitness - as a solid foundation for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, they still incorporate the holistic health benefits of the Soulcare wellness experience.  
The program is intended to guide you towards achieving your optimal wellbeing and maintaining your balance within and without.
1.1.    Ideal Weight
1.2.    Optimal Fitness



These programs are designed to address various levels of stress, helping you to regain balance, perspective and to counteract the physical, emotional and spiritual impacts of lifestyle and life-change stress: from the gently nurturing Relax & Renew, to the joyfully rejuvenating Bliss and the intensely restorative and healing Balance & Revitalise, which deals holistically with the symptoms and underlying causes of adrenal burnout.
A combination of nurturing therapies, nutrition, and personal guidance in a healing environment of inspiring natural beauty gives you the perfect remedy for recovering your optimal wellbeing and the inspiration to embrace the future with renewed vitality and purpose.



Soulcare Healing offers a wide range of healing treatments and therapies. If you’re not looking for a structured program, or if you want to add to your chosen program, we have an extensive menu of various therapies and treatments to choose from. You may also wish to work with one of our qualified wellness practitioners to create our own tailored wellness program.
As well as massages and body treatments, you can experience Ayurveda therapies, Traditional Healing Medicine, diagnostic procedures, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, emotional and spiritual healing and other holistic services such as cranio-sacral therapy and sound healing.
Healing practitioners are world-renowned and sometimes relatively unheard of, but always incredibly gifted.



You can join group meditation classes, or arrange private sessions for a deeper experience. With Healer Omar Botha, you can explore a variety of meditation styles to either develop a regular practice or to deepen your existing practice.

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Emotional balance is a vital ingredient for personal wellbeing and the health of our relationships, including the essential one we have with our self.
Emotions are often linked to the element of water. Like water, emotions have a natural tendency toward movement and flow. Emotional balance isn't about suppressing the stream of our emotions, but instead it is about honouring the natural flow, and accepting that what we feel is not who we are.
Soulcare's team of intuitive healers can work with you on energetic, emotional and spiritual levels to develop awareness, consciousness and self acceptance, attune heart and mind and release limiting beliefs to make you more emotionally available for life.
One of our professional wellness practitioners can work with you to develop a personalised program that addresses your individual concerns. Simply book your accommodation, and then discuss your needs during your initial Wellness Consultation.


6. Organic meals

With Soulcare Foods Organic mealpalns is an opportunity to feel rejuvenated and revived. We offer a comprehensive, effective yet gentle program, utilising a combination of tried and tested therapies, including juice cleansing, colon rejuvenation.  




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RETREAT cost per person

R 15 000,00 p/p/ all inclusive for 2 nights 

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