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Baghvan Pench Jungle Lodge Featured

With its open rooftop machans and large wooden decks that overlook the shady nullah, guests to Baghvan Pench Jungle Lodge are constantly immersed in the sights and sounds of the Indian jungle. Rich birdlife flits through the trees overhanging your machan and monkeys chatter excitedly in the dense foliage. The sounds of the jungle filter through the night and you drift off to sleep to the distant yipping of jackal. The sandy bed of the dry nullah provides a clear path through the dense jungle for the forest's inhabitants and guests needn't be surprised to find a sambar deer on their doorstep in the morning. Just five minutes drive from the entrance to Pench National Park View the majestic tiger from the back of an elephant Open rooftop machan or covered platform for romantic sleepouts Overlooks a dry river bed or nullah, a favoured route of Pench tigers Tucked into dense forest, 12 bungalow suites enjoy the dappled shade of massive teak and banyan trees. Wildlife wanders through the dry river bed or nullah that winds its way through the lodge grounds. Lining the sandy bed of this animal thoroughfare, spacious decks look out on dainty chital picking their way along the riverbed. A favourite route of the Pench tigers, the shady nullah has been known to provide some thrilling game viewing experiences for guests without them even having to move from their chairs! Revel in the solitude of your stand alone suite, with timber walls that blend into the wooded shadows of the jungle. Eclectic details like 1950s fridges, vintage toy trucks and carved wooden horses add a quirky touch. A covered walkway takes you to the generous bathroom, which offers a choice of conventional indoor and daring outdoor showers. For another al fresco experience, take the stairs to the open air machan on top of your suite, with its romantic sleep-out, mosquito nets and hookah pipes. Delicate handmade Parsi tiles celebrate vintage India in spacious guest areas. Sink into deep sofas scattered among woven hyacinth furniture and giant ebony chests. Mouthwatering aromas drifting from an interactive kitchen entice and challenge with colourful spices and recipes. Watch as chefs prepare traditional Indian dishes or try your hand at blending the perfect curry or producing golden paranthas. The jungle's night noises follow you back to your bungalow along lantern-lit sawdust paths. Palaces & Tigers Traditional Mughal architecture and reminders of the British Raj in bustling Delhi The magnificent Taj Mahal, the world's most famous monument to love The spectacular forts and palaces of Jaipur and Jodhpur Exotic Indian wildlife and birdlife in the jungles of Pench and Kanha Beaches-Backwaters-Main Beaches and Backwaters From India's largest port city to the colourful attractions of Kochi, Kerala's tranquil backwaters and Mararikulam's pristine beaches, this waterside adventure takes in some of India's most relaxing and beautiful destinations.

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